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This database is a cumulative list comprising of drugs registered with the Drug Control Authority since 1985 and cosmetics notified with the Director of Pharmaceutical Services. This list consists of registration number / notification number, product name, name of product registration holder / notification holder and name of manufacturer only.
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  1. First, select the "Search By" from the drop-down menu below. The selections are searched by Product Name, Product Registration Number / Notification Number, Registration Holder / Notification Holder, Active Ingredient / Cosmetic Substance and Manufacturer. By default, if you do not select the "Search By" the system will search your query based on Product Name.
  2. Enter the complete or a portion of the keyword of the criteria you are searching and click the "Search" button. (Eg. para, poll, ginseng, MAL2003 / NOT2003). For normal search criteria, please use the Search feature by clicking the button below.
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  • Data for Pharmaceutical Products is only up to 31 March 2017 for certain cases.

  • For pharmaceutical products registered and renewed in QUEST2 and QUEST3 after 31 March 2017, please refer to DCA Approved QUEST3 Products & DCA Approved QUEST2 Products

  • For Cosmetics products listed in product search, the list is current & updated

  • Starting from 1 January 2008, all cosmetic products are using Notification Number as a confirmation that product already meets the current local requirements. Details can be found under the Control of Cosmetic Products in Malaysia.

    Product Type:

    Product Codes:
    • A: Scheduled Poisons
    • X: Non-scheduled Poisons (over the counter products)
    • T: Traditional Medicines
    • C: Contract Manufactured
    • E: Export Only
    • R: Repacked
    • S: Second source
    • N: Health Supplement
    • H: Veterinary
    • Z: Zero Rated GST
    • Y: Orphan Products
    Recommended Retail Price
    Drug Control Authority(DCA) has decided at 110th meeting to include recommended retail price as a supplementary data for manufacturing and import licence application. These information would be useful as a guidance to the public. Where the Registrant has not provided the Bureau with updated RRP data, the database will display the price as "not available".